Urlich Stolz Ulrich Storz (USTOMED = Ulrich STOrz MEDizin)

It´s in the family –
for more then 170 years…

Back in 1843 Adam Kremm, master cutler, began manufacturing knives. Ulrich Storz‘ grandfather Otto Storz-Buess expanded the workshops in 1890 for the manufacture of dental and surgical instruments. He became a cofounder of the Surgical Mechanics Guild of Tuttlingen, one of the major centres in this industry. Since 1908 there was a continous specialist counseling for running evolution by Marie Hilzinger, grandaunt of Ulrich Storz, registered dentist, and Otto Storz junior., Dentist, father of Ulrich Storz. We at USTOMED will continue this tradition in future – symbolised by the newly built head office in Tuttlingen.

Throughout the world more than 3,500 practices equipped with our instruments and many thousands of national and international users are the best proof of our performance.

1974 Formation of USTOMED by Ulrich Storz (USTOMED = Ulrich STOrz MEDizin)
2004 Joined by son-in-law Oliver Keuffel, an internationally acclaimed specialist in the field of implant dentistry.
2008 Oliver Keuffel becomes a partner and a managing partner of USTOMED.
2014 Oliver Keuffel acquires all the USTOMED shares and is now the sole owner. After over 50 years serving medicine and dentistry, Ulrich Storz leaves operative company management but remains active as a consultant to USTOMED.

Removal to the new USTOMED company building in which all USTOMED activities will in future be grouped under one roof: new development, administration, logistics, Education Centre with internationally renowned lecturers as a an absolute industry innovation.